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Welcome to Black Caviar

BLACK CAVIAR is more than a trusted person of a gentleman. A place with superior entertainment in the central of Bangkok in the Ratchada area. Now we ready all the customers to taste happiness.


Experience and indulge in the ultimate of relaxation.

The new experience in the industry that different and you have never met this experience before. We have a luxurious VIP room in various styles with the mood that customers desire. The interior is perfectly designed, such as the Lobby Bar, which hides the fun and allows you to elevate the level of joy throughout this happy time.



Our place is located right in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Ratchada S7. You’ll find tons of amazing spots to eat and drink, plus transportation is very easy. The beach is only 5 min away and there are a few parks in the area. If you ever need anything, We’d be happy to serve you.


Another experience of BLACK CAVIAR will increase happiness to customers. We made fine dining in many styles and nationalities, which select quality ingredients from around the world that are meticulously prepared by chefs who have more than 20 years of experience. These will customers open every taste in an extraordinary atmosphere while enjoying premium wine and caviar.

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