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Roclink 800: A User-Friendly and Versatile Software for ROC and FloBoss Systems

Pete, thanks for your answer.I am using ROCLINK800 Version 1.87, I do not see such a radio button in the Com Port configuration screens; should I use a newer version of ROCLINK?; if so, where can I download it? I registered at supportnet but I have been given a Basic subscription and it appears to not give access to download the program.

Download Roclink 800 Configuration Software

Hello Guys,I have three FB107s installed on three process streams. I want to connect all three 107s in multidrop RS485 connections. I have only CPU module and have connected three FB107s in multi drop fashion. Is it possible that i can connect the ROCLink 800 software to each one of them using the RS485 port. I have a control room and i want to connec these 3 floboss 107s from the control room using the ROClink 800 software. If this is possible then can anyone guide me how to setup the modbus configuration for my requirement.

Hello everybody. I am new here and new with the ECM module. The problem that I have is that, when I am trying to download the configuration (floboss 107, cpu with i/o points, MVS, ECM) i have got the following errror:

2 RL800 August 2016 Dynamic Graphical User Interface The dynamic graphical user interface (GUI) is an on-screen representation of your FB107 or ROC800-Series unit. You can navigate device options either by using the ROCLINK menu structure or by clicking on the dynamic GUI and selecting a tab or button. The dynamic GUI shows the current configuration of the selected point, including alarms (hardware) and integrity (software or field device) errors. User Program Integration User programs provide the ROC or FloBoss with extended functions and applications (such as gas chromatograph support or custom flow calculations). You can use ROCLINK 800 to download, start, stop, and remove user programs. Extensive documentation covering configuration and usage information accompanies each user program. Display Customization You can create graphical displays for the ROC or FloBoss. You can store the displays on your local PC or download them to your ROC800 or FloBoss 100-Series device. The displays combine both static and dynamic data elements. You can use the displays to monitor the operation of the ROC or FloBoss, either locally or remotely. By adding objects (tabs, fields, labels, text, etc.) to the display, you can incorporate live data as well as images and other information you wish to convey. User-definable parameters are associated with each object on the screen. You can use custom displays to graphically represent the application that a ROC or FloBoss monitors and controls. Another use is to monitor the ROC or FloBoss and change commonly used parameters from a single screen. Logs View logs for history, event, and alarm data retrieved from the connected device. You can print logs or save logs to your PC for later off-line viewing. You can also plot data contained in the historical log for a graphical representation of the data. EFM Reports You can generate printable on-screen reports of the configuration, alarms, events, and historical flow data for a meter point. ROCLINK 800 uses EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) reports, in conjunction with the AGA flow calculation capabilities of the ROC800 or FB107, to display or print previously collected flow data. An EFM report file contains all flow data, which includes the operational characteristics (configuration parameters, history, events, and alarms) of each measured meter run configured in the ROC or FloBoss. You can save the data for later viewing on your PC, print the EFM data, or convert the data to AGA/DET, FloCal, and PGAS data formats. Security The software provides user-level security that synchronizes access control for both ROCLINK 800 software and the ROC or FloBoss. Various functions are available to each security level. By allowing you to assign different security levels for individual users, you control who can access (log on) ROCLINK 800 and the amount of information available to each user. Features Individual device features and functions are accessible through the menu bar in ROCLINK 800. Available selections are listed in Menu Listing for ROCLINK 800 Software. FloBoss 107 Dynamic GUI ROC800-Series Dynamic GUI 2

3 August 2016 RL800 ROCLINK 800 Specifications and Requirements Software Operating Environment Operating System Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit) Hardware Operating Requirements CPU Pentium -class processor (233 MHz or greater recommended) Hard Disk Space 90 MB RAM 64 MB Display SVGA color monitor, 800 x 600 pixels, small fonts Optical drive CD-ROM drive Note: The software and user documentation is supplied on a CD-ROM. Updates may be downloaded through SupportNet. 3


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