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Buy Le Reve Tickets

Le Reve Poolside tickets are most plentiful, and cheapest, but if you really want to enjoy the show try Dream Seating, these are over-sized, plus VIP theater seats and television monitor. Check out prices for the four different seating types below. Please note that prices may change without notice so click through to check current pricing.

buy le reve tickets

DOWNLOAD:, Las Vegas specialists who offer great pricing on just about everything now have Le Reve show tickets start at $115.36. That's a great deal and so you know, that price is for Poolside Seating.

Oh daaaarnnnn! We did have Le Reve promo codes...two in fact, but they've expired. Here's what you missed. You could have used's "20CYBER" promo code and saved $20. But, alas, those have expired. Ugh. When BestofVegas and Showtickets publish promo codes and/or coupons again, we'll be right on that for you!

Active Duty Military Personnel receive 35% military discount off of the $99, $125 and $150 Le Reve tickets. This offer is not valid on existing orders and is subject to availability. This deal is limited to 4 tickets per person.

Le Reve is not currently offering discount tickets for Las Vegas locals but does from time to time. We'll report on that when available. If you're looking for the best Cirque du Soleil show, click it!

Le Reve 2 for 1 tickets have been spotted in the wild but these are very rare. Ultra popular shows such as Le Reve don't generally need such drastic discounts to fill up so if you spot a 2 for 1 for Le Reve, GRAB IT!

Get up to 35% off Ticketmaster regular priced Le Reve tickes with their summer Web Flash Sale. Enter promo code FLASH2 to access these deals. We've tried and sadly prices for Le Reve tickets aren't quite as low as other websites, even after the Web Flash Sale promo code is entered.

Some believe that better show ticket prices can be had once they arrive in Vegas. That may sometimes be the case in New York City or London but Vegas shows sell out, especially of the Le Reve variety, so waiting to buy means tickets are mostly more expensive once in Las Vegas. Buying online and in advance is usually the best option. But, hey this is Vegas afterall so if you want to gamble...

The most expensive month of the year for Le Reve tickets is December followed by March. December's average price is skewed upward by New Year's pricing and March's average ticket price is weighted up because of Spring Break, which is a peak season in Las Vegas. If you can choose your travel dates to Vegas, according to our price tracking for Le Reve tickets you'd save the most choosing January followed by October.

Le Reve, a show by Dragone known for their work with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion, performs at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas and is one of the most highly aclaimed and dramtic shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Le Reve tickets aren't the cheapest offer in Vegas but they're an entry way to a thrilling acrobatic fantasy world, set inside an aqua theater-in-the-round where viewers follow the show's heroine, The Dreamer, through a suspenseful dream sequence.Everyone loves a good drama but most of us aren't quite so keen on a high price so why not save a little cash on Le Reve show tickets. We've called, searched, faxed (just kidding about the faxing!) in order to find Le Reve ticket discounts, coupons, promo codes, deals...anything that'll save you some of your hard earned money. Here's what we've got so far:

Le Rêve is performed in the Wynn Theater, which has a capacity of 1,606 people. It is a "theater in the round", with seats located around a circular stage, which means that the views are excellent wherever you're sat. However, the first two rows are in the splash zone, but your ticket gives you splash-free premium seats!

This is not the first time Weissman has brought back Le Rêve for a one-night fundraiser. In 2011, Weissman held a dinner at the Hotel Havana for 35 guests. Proceeds from the $250 tickets benefited Haven for Hope. 041b061a72


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