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While setting up for the livestream, Frankie learns that Isabelle died by suicide due to the humiliation of her appearance and Link's accusations. When Link is more concerned about his public image than her death, Frankie reveals she knows the truth about him and storms out. During the livestream, which includes a memorial for Isabelle, Link gives his condolences but then veers off-script into a manic, vulgar monologue, refusing to accept blame for her death and instead ranting against the toxicity of social media and its oppressive hold over its audience. In an attempt to go even further, Link reveals his name is actually Alex Goodrich and invites the audience to support them only if they're willing to rebel against the mainstream. As he departs the stage, the gathered crowd applauds and starts chanting his name as he turns and smiles at the camera. Frankie and Jake later reconcile at Isabelle's memorial.



The mission of Mainstream is to provide advocacy, peer support, and other services which will enable people with significant disabilities to live independently in the community. The Organization works to achieve the integration of people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

Replacing traditional meat and dairy products with alternative proteins is one of the best tools available to combat the climate crisis. Increasing the global market share of alternative proteins from 2% today to 8% by 2030 could yield an emissions reduction equivalent to decarbonizing 95% of the aviation industry. To build market share quickly, alternative protein companies must find ways to attract mainstream consumers.

Two are quick wins that may be relevant across the board and should be easy to implement quickly. The other two depend on the specific occasion that the brand is targeting. We focus on how these principles apply to front-of-pack messaging, where marketing real estate is especially limited, but these insights for targeting mainstream consumers apply across touch points.

As we considered the prospects for impact investing, we were especially interested in understanding what a large, mainstream market ought to look like. Based on our investor interviews and our study of how other investment products evolved, we believe a fully-developed impact-investing industry will have the following four features.

Conclusions: At present, mainstream devices are able to reliably measure heart rate, number of steps, distance, and sleep duration, which can be used as effective health evaluation indicators, but the measurement accuracy of energy consumption is still inadequate. Fitness trackers of different brands vary with regard to measurement of indicators and are all affected by the activity state, which indicates that manufacturers of fitness trackers need to improve their algorithms for different activity states.

The flexibility to project-base vouchers comes with certain requirements, so the PHA must ensure that any decision regarding project-basing consider these additional requirements. Referring to official HUD resources, including those cited above, is essential as you decide whether to project-base mainstream vouchers and, if so, how many will be project-based.

In such a changing landscape, old-fashioned racist and xenophobic appeals are unlikely to be politically successful beyond a small fringe, so the propagandists of racism have had to develop subtler approaches to stoking fear and hatred for political ends. To do so, they have repackaged racist traditions in language and forms that could more easily enter mainstream political discourse.

Derek Black, a former white nationalist leader who is now an academic who studies the origins of racist ideas, takes a cultural approach to understanding the movement by identifying its most significant symbols of identity. He defines a white nationalist as someone who interacts with information outlets primarily serving the white nationalist movement, is friends with other white nationalists, attends white nationalist events, and supports the cause financially and politically.6 Black explains that white nationalist ideas are totems that white nationalists use to show that they belong in the movement. Members spend a great deal of time defining and arguing about these terms as well as spreading them into mainstream society by trying to insert them into mass media. 041b061a72


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