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Download 580K Zip [PATCHED]

Depending on your preference, there are several ways to obtain the update for the Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV (System Version 4.0). Due to the large size of the Mark IV update, a special FTP site has been set up to accommodate those who prefer downloading the update files (see below).

Download 580K zip

ALL-in-ONE 948k HWINFO-Current release now reads Quad-core DDR3 PCIx 825k HWINFO-2008 updated now reads AMD K10 DDR3 PCIx 750k HWINFO-2005 updated now reads Dual-core DDR2 580k HWINFO-2001 updated now reads system details on 386-P4 489k HWINFO-1999 displays indepth system details on 386-PIII 84k SpeedSys tests system performance & generates report 857k Current release detects 298 processors SATA2 PCIX and more 409k 2002ver reports all hardware installed even mb model# reads 137cpus 180k PC Diagnostics high powered burnin tester for techs 306k AMI's old 1994 diagnostic program only slightly crippled 121k System Info Checker displays device info on 286-P133 163k Snooper is a well known system info gathering tool BIOS 306k Bios Agent 3.45 reports BIOS string, model#, chipset, cpu, memory - Win98XP 424k Bios Wizard tests the BIOS & chipset then creates text report - Win98XP 3k Bios ID reports string, type, date & chipset. very handy 35k CTBIOS reads 1997 or older bios ids to report the manufacturer 15k Bios Reporter displays each address flag in extensive detail 75k Post Code Master defines 2 digit codes from Post Cards 10k Decompressor for Microid Research BIOS 10k Decompressor for Phoenix NuBIOS (1995) 25k Generic Bios Setup for 286 & 386 machines CACHE 52k CacheCheck reports L1 & L2 cache plus dram size/speed 221k Celem Cache Test graphs L1/L2 performance accurately! 37k CTCM identifies cpu and tests L1&L2 through put CPU 13k Identifies 486 - K6-2/Pentium III cpu's 31k AMD's cpu identification utility for all their chips 35k Maximum Processor Clock Speed Tester for 286-586 44k id's cpu & detects the presense or absense of MMX DRAM 42k GoldMemory intensively tests total system DRAM 10k High precision memory speed tester & cpu freq-meter HARD DRIVE 9k Hard Disk Diagnostic does intensive tests on hd's PORTS 36k tests and reports all UART addresses under DOS/WIN 18k This TSR reports status of serial ports on screen 12k TESTMEM beta tests your extended memory 84k Parallel port tester with excellent docs 145k one of the best modem/uart/serial port diagnostic programs VIDEO 77k This excellent 486 tool tests both monitor & adapter 28k 386 video adapter id and test utility XTRAS 36k Lists WIN95 hardware registry keys,drivers & warnings pkz204g.exe 198k Complete PKware DOS archiver utility pkzip & pkunzip 277k Card Guide contains 100's of ISA&VL i/o jumper settings Y2K 77k this util thoroughly tests y2k & all leap years 24k Y2K Ready check for rollover behavior 26k Y2K Solve contains excellent docs and simple solutions 201k Official Ontrack Y2K Advisor WIN95 boot disk verion 7k the 16bit & 32bit utils run from autoexec and fix system time A combination of these utilities on a few floppy diskettesshould provide all the tools necessary for even an advanced technician.Most DOS diagnostic utilities function best when the system is bootedto a plain DOS enviornment without memory managers loaded. Check the docswithin each archive for details. TOP

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Click here to download BG Replay V1.2.2 (.zip file, 580K) - now with .mat file support. Existing users - download this version for latest features. See the changelog for details of updates from previous versions. If the download doesn't start, try right-clicking on the link and choosing 'Save Target As'. When the file has downloaded, unzip it to an empty folder and open readme.htm. This is an early-release version with notes on how to run your own game files and develop your own pages, plus templates and sample scripts to get you started. A full development kit with authoring page and full scripting language reference will be available later this year. 041b061a72


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