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Where Can I Buy Under Armour Clothing ((EXCLUSIVE))

As a fullback at the University of Maryland, Plank got tired of having to change out of the sweat-soaked T-shirts worn under his jersey; however, he noticed that his compression shorts worn during practice stayed dry. This inspired him to make a T-shirt using moisture-wicking synthetic fabric.[5] After graduating from the University of Maryland, Plank developed his first prototype of the shirt, which he gave to his Maryland teammates and friends who had gone on to play in the NFL. Plank soon perfected the design, creating a new T-shirt built from microfibers that wicked moisture and kept athletes cool, dry, and light.[4] Major competing brands including Nike, Adidas and Reebok would soon follow in Plank's footsteps with their own moisture-wicking apparel.[6] Plank opted to use the British spelling "armour" in the company name because the toll-free vanity number was still available for that version.[7]

where can i buy under armour clothing

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In June 2018 a Facebook post emerged stating that Under Armour clothing was flammable and resulted in severe burn injuries to a child.[77] Though no recall was issued and no evidence suggests the brand's items were not in compliance with federal regulations, a 2008 study by the United States Forest Service found that Under Armour's material was more likely to result in a burn injury of the wearer than most other undergarment materials.[78]

In Browne's telling, the pandemic accelerated changes in Under Armour's approach to supply chain that were already underway. The company has been working for years to reduce inventory levels, which in turn can reduce carrying costs throughout the company's supply chain. But, as with apparel and footwear retailers everywhere, managing inventory is also about managing prices and consumer expectations. 041b061a72


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