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Ayosdito Buy And Sell Cars was an online classified-ads website for Filipinos to buy and sell online, regardless of their location in the Philippines. It was owned and operated by 701Search Pte. Ltd., which is a joint venture between media giants Singapore Press Holdings and Schibsted.[2] Launched in March 2009,[3] AyosDito offered free posting of ads for items such as properties, cars, electronics, food, and even jobs. The phrase "Ayos Dito" is Tagalog for "Ok here". By 2013, it became the second largest online classified ads website in the Philippines.[2]

ayosdito buy and sell cars

With a boom in the sale of used cars in recent times, owing to the practice of social distancing in COVID-19 times, the Philippines car market is only evolving with a ray of positivity ahead. Currently, as per our records, there are a total of 3493 used cars that are certified and fit for plying on the Filipino roads. The bracket of these used cars has a variety of options to choose from, ranging from a pre-generation Mitsubishi Lancer to the mighty Rolls Royce Phantom. Follow this space to check out all the worthy options in used cars, their detailed price bifurcation including monthly installments, down-payment, and their complete data, including specifications, images, and features.

This rise in sales of new cars and the emergence of new players in the market has seen a consequent growth of used cars in the country as well. With a ratio of 1:1, the sales of used cars in comparison to that of new cars is quite an overwhelming sign in terms of economy and employment opportunities as well. Currently, the market is flooded with used cars, both locally assembled and imported models, which are giving all buyers a list of varied and practical options to choose from.

The one carmaker in the Philippines which has managed to earn the respect and faith of customers in the country is the Japanese giant Toyota. Currently, the largest carmaker in the world in terms of volumes of the vehicles it sells, Toyota has played the same card of QDR (Quality, Durability, and Reliability) for the Philippines car market as it has been doing in other car markets now for a very long time. It is this QDR factor in its offerings in the long run that encourages more customers to opt for Toyota, owing to minimum hassle in after-sales experience, in terms of ease of servicing and minimal service costs.

While Mitsubishi might be struggling to get back its lost grounds in a majority of global markets, the Japanese giant is going strong in the Philippines car market owning to its good business approach and affordable and practical cars it has been selling here in the country. With a very rich pedigree in motorsports and off-road driving technologies, Mitsubishi has had some seriously good and capable products in the past. Primarily SUVs and crossovers, Mitsubishis are still looked out with a lot of desirability in the used car market. Following is a list of some popular used Mitsubishi cars for sale in the Philippines.

Like Toyota, another Japanese car maker which has highly focused on the aspects of reliability, refinement of its engines and quality in its cars is Honda. Originally a brainchild of Soichiro Honda from Japan, Honda might not be having cars with smashing looks and features like its other counterparts. However, the fact that they have best petrol engines in the world in terms of refinement and reliability and the graceful impact which their cars possess are reasons good enough to select them in the used car space. Discover some top used Honda cars for sale below:

Slowly but finally, the Korean car maker Hyundai is now on the right track when it comes to offering cars which are desirable enough for first time as well as additional car owners. All the modern offerings from Hyundai are a good combination of refinement and reliability of its Japanese peers as well as equipment and fit and finish levels of the players from the West. However, in the past too, Hyundai have had some models which have stood the tide of changing times and are proving to be reliable and decent options in the used car market as well. Here are some of the best used Hyundai cars for sale in the Philippines:

If there is one car maker in the Philippines car market which shows what consistency means, it should be Nissan. The Japanese car maker is nowhere close to its arch rival Toyota when it comes to pure numbers in recent times, but then, it has been able to maintain the consistency by offering decent products across varied segments, starting from an entry level sedan to one of the most iconic supercars of the world. Read further to discover some of the top used Nissan cars for sale in the Philippines:

Like Mitsubishi, another Japanese car brand Subaru has a very rich history when it comes to making sedans and crossovers inspired from its legendary rally cars. All of the Subarus are highly revered by driving enthusiasts for the amazing driving dynamics they are blessed with. The fine balance of chassis and punchy powertrains make the cars from Subaru desirable options for those who wish to spend most of their times behind the steering wheel. The Philippines used car market has got some fine examples of used Subaru cars for sale, which you should look out for:

The non-Japanese car maker which has gained as much reputation and traction in the Philippines car market in all these years is Ford. One of the oldest car makers of the world, Ford is also one of the pioneers among car makers in Philippines. While the previous decades was dominated mostly by its range of sedans and hatchbacks, off late, there is a considerable shift from Ford towards SUVs, something which is paying them off pretty well. There are innumerable options in market for used ford cars, including the now-defunct hatchbacks and sedans too:

Primarily a maker of small and entry level cars, Suzuki has tasted decent success in the Philippines car market, if not as humongous as its other Japanese peers. There have been a few models in the past from Suzuki (some of which are still going strong in the latest generations), which have been great volume bringers and considerable options for mostly first time car buyers This is the reason why Suzukis have a decent presence in the used car market as well, and are looked after by those who want a car which is easy to drive and maintain. Following are some of the top used Suzuki cars:

The arch rival of Ford in the USA, Chevrolet, too has tasted decent amount of success in the Philippines car market, if not more than Ford. One of the most legendary brands in the car world, Chevrolet might have lost its sheen and packed its bags from a few markets it had its presence in, in the last few years. However, when it comes to Philippines car market, it is performing decently well, and has a range of entry level hatchbacks to exotic sports cars to choose from in both new and used car markets. However, a majority of the popular used Chevrolet cars for sale in the market are UVs which are as follows:

The cars from Mercedes Benz are known for their reliability and long lasting appeal, something which is not a usual trait among high end cars. The used car market has a considerable amount of sedan options from Mercedes Benz which are priced as low as half of the price of a new entry level hatchback. Here are some commonly found used Mercedes Benz car models in the Philippines:

Apart from Mercedes-Benz, another luxury brand which hails from Germany and has a reputation and presence in the used car space as solid as the former is BMW. The arch rival of Mercedes-Benz, BMW too started with making well-built sedans which do offer slightly better driving dynamics and now has a whole range of products from hatchbacks to sports coupes. There are a number of used BMW cars for sale in the market, including very old and a couple of last generation models, but are in acceptable in terms of quality and condition. Here are the most popular ones from BMW in the used car market:

Apart from the aforementioned names in the list of used cars, there are several other car makers which are present in the new and used car market of Philippines. However, in the used car market, their presence is very much limited and finding good examples of their cars can be a task.

Do you have some questions about how to buy or sell your next used car? Or perhaps you want some tips on how to finance, insure or maintain your used car? Take a look at our car advice articles that will answer your questions and help you on your journey:

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